Posted by: Eric Wichhart | February 9, 2012

Scheduling Automatic Surveys

I recently worked with a client who wanted to have a survey sent out of ConnectWise automatically every three months to certain clients. He wanted to gather some feedback from key persons within his client base to better evaluate the service his staff was providing. This survey is target toward individuals who would not normally receive the status surveys which accompany service ticket status emails, but can be sent to anyone who is a contact within ConnectWise.

To accomplish this we used a set of workflow rules, a survey, a service template and a service board.

1. Create a service board called Surveys, with status New (default), Survey, Survey Sent and Closed. I recommend hiding this service board from your members using the members screen or placing it into a location not used by most members, such as Admin.

2. Create a survey to be sent out.

3. Create a Standard Service Template to create a ticket every three months and place it on the Surveys service board with a status of Survey.

4. Create a status workflow for the status Survey that sends an email to the Contact for the item with the survey attached.

5. Create a workflow rule that moves the status of any ticket on the Surveys board with a status of Survey to Survey Sent.

6. Create another workflow that closed any ticket with the status of Survey Sent after 5 minutes.

7. Set the workflow rules to run on each item once and the batch to run every hour during Office Hours.

8. Go back to the Standard Service Template you created and click Create Template. It will then prompt you for a company and contact. This is the person you are sending the survey to.

9. Next go to the Service Templates tab of the company for which you just created the template and rename the template you just created to the person’s name. (you will not be able to create a second template against the same company until this is done)

10. Finally, create a workflow rule that will alert you when a survey is completed with a score less than 99 and you will always be notified.

ConnectWise will now automatically send this contact a survey every three months.

If you do not have the time and/or knowledge to implement this for your organization. One of our skilled consultants would be glad to put this in place in your ConnectWise for a flat rate of $250.00. Please email for more information.


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