Posted by: Eric Wichhart | January 23, 2012

Will SOPA Kill The Cloud

With all the talk about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) going around, could this put a damper on The Cloud or should it put a damper on The Cloud. With the ever hunger in Washington D.C. to take control of the Internet, is having vital systems in the cloud the right path to take today? SOPA is not the first foray into this arena for this administration. I remember a few years back when President Obama took office, he tried to get past an Internet kill switch bill, which would allow him to push a button and turn off the Internet for everyone in the United States. They would enable this by forcing the owners of every router on the Internet to add a bit of code to their router that would receive the command to shutdown This so called “Kill Switch” was designed to protect us but in reality gave the government a large amount of power over the free Internet. This was touted as a way to stop a cyber attach from countries like China and North Korea, but in some minds was a affront to our freedoms. Not only is this anti-freedom, but also a huge security disaster waiting to happen. Wait until some 16 year old hacker figures out how to break the code and bring down the whole Internet as a joke.

The next attach started last year and came from the United Nations. The UN wants to regulate the Internet. This regulation is being pushed by Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, who submitted a resolution to the U.N.’s General Assembly to allow countries to regulate the Internet.
With an ever growing assault on on the Internet coming from not only foreign governments, but the US government, is putting all your eggs into a basket that someone else is carrying and may take away at a moments notice really a good idea? As the cloud is still in its infancy and the Internet being something out of our control, it may be best to keep the cloud for low to medium low priority applications and keep critical business applications on-site or at least have a good failsafe system.

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