Posted by: Eric Wichhart | January 20, 2012

New Customer Portal

If you are on the cloud or have recently applied the patches to your ConnectWise server, you may not have noticed that the customer portal has changed. It now has a new look and has more customizations available. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time customizing your portal, you may want to spend a few minutes and update the colors, default region for non-US users and add a welcome message.

Top New Portal Features:

1. New Look and Design.

2. Ability to have multiple portals, each based on a company or location. Each portal can have its own logo and color scheme. Great for big clients and Streamline IT clients. Note: there is no longer a logo on the login page due to this new feature as everyone uses the same login page.

3. Ability to accept credit card payments for invoices using Authorized.Net.

4. Ability to customize most colors on the portal.

5. Ability to restrict clients from seeing tickets residing on certain boards.

6. Ability to restrict clients from viewing certain Configuration Types.

Plus a ton of other new features. Take some time and check out the new Customer Portal.

Please Note: As of 1/20/2012 they are still working out a few bugs with the new format, so if you are not currently pushing the portal with your clients I would wait a few weeks to make sure everything is ironed out. But in the mean time take the time to get it configured and ready to roll out.


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