Posted by: Eric Wichhart | December 28, 2011

Do You Have a Cloud Strategy?

In Joe McKendrick’s article How Cloud Computing is Changing Many Job Descriptions he discusses how cloud computing is changing the enterprise. No longer is Information Services a red headed step child left to maintain PC and put together a network with duct tape and string, but it has become a centerpiece of the organization. No longer is technology reactionary to business, but business has become reactionary in many respects to technology. I remember the days when you had to talk the boss into getting a smart device, now days you can’t keep the boss away from his smart phone or tablet. So where does this leave us, the technologists?

As technologists we can no longer afford to set back and work in a break fix world. As cycle always begins at the enterprise level and moves toward the small business, so we must prepare to become more of a business consultant than a guy who fixes computers. We need to be the one that the head guy calls when he is at the Apple store trying to buy an iPad and wants to know if it is compatible with his email. We need our clients to think of us when they sit down to have their business planning meetings. If we have a seat at the table, we become a trusted adviser instead a of vendor. We become part of the company, someone they can rely on.

So how do we become a trusted adviser?


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