Posted by: Eric Wichhart | December 21, 2011

Should I Give a Prospect a Free Network Audit?

One of the big questions in the IT community today is whether to offer a free network audit or free service as an enticement for new prospects. In Geoffrey James’ article in Inc magazine “Why Free Consulting Is a Bad Idea” he talks about the difference between giving away free consulting and using free consulting to exchange for information about the prospect. To boil down the article, he states that if you are giving something away for free and in return you are getting valuable information to further along the sales process or qualify the lead, then it is a good idea, but if you are not getting anything for the value of the service provided, then it is not. For example, when you use a Free Network Audit to go in and extract information about the prospects computer systems and use that to sell your services, then it is a valuable tool. But if you are working with a prospect and they want you to come in and clean up a few computers for free before they will move the sales process forward, then run.

See his full article here.


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