Posted by: Eric Wichhart | December 20, 2011

Year End Procedures 2012 (Updated)


2011 is quickly coming to a close. To get your business ready for 2012, please complete the following ConnectWise year-end procedures:

A. Set Up Time and Expense Periods:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > Time category > Time Period Setup Table
  2. If there is an existing Time Period for 2012, click the link to review the settings that were defined.
  3. If you need to make any changes to these settings, you will need to delete this period and create a new one.
  4. If you do not have any time or expense periods set up, create them by: clicking the New Item button and completing the required fields.
  5. Click Save and Close when finished.
    After time has been entered on a time period, it cannot be deleted
    For more information, refer to the Time Periods Setup Table page in the online documentation.
    Watch the video on how to Create Time and Expense Period

B. Update your Mileage Reimbursement Rate:

If you need to change your reimbursement rate for 2012, update the rate on the date you want the change to take effect. This rate is picked up at the time that the expense is entered.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > Expense category > Expense Type Setup Table.
  2. Select Mileage and update the required fields.
  3. Click Save and Close when finished.
    For more information, refer to the Expense Type Setup Table in the online documentation.

C. Update your Calendar (Holidays):

  1. Navigate to Setup > My Company > Calendar tab
  2. Using the calendar on the screen, navigate to the date for the holiday
  3. Click on the day you want to modify and set the Override Default Hours.
  4. Select the Set to non-working check box and enter a Description of the holiday
  5. Click Save and Cose. The date will be grayed out (just like the weekends).
For more information, refer to the My Company – Calendar Tab page in the online documentation.

Images and Text for this post Copyright ConnectWise 2011. All Rights Reserved.



  1. Hi Eric, I’m glad you read the ConnectWise written 2011 Year End Procedures email and reposted it for our partners. We also have a page for this content available on the University at:

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