Posted by: Eric Wichhart | December 12, 2011

Add Birthday Reminders

The simplest way to have reminders created for customers birthdays is by using Configurations:

1) Open the Configuration setup table | Setup>Setup Tables>Company>Configuration.

2) Create a new Configuration by clicking the New button.

3) Enter Birthday into the Configuration Type: field and click Save and Close.

4) Create a Workflow rule to notify when the Birthday is approaching. Open the Workflow Rules setup table | Setup>Setup Tables>General>Workflow Rules.

5) Click the New button to create a new Workflow Rule.

6) In the Description: field type Birthday Reminder.

7) Table Reference select Configurations  and click Save.

8) In the bottom half of the screen click the New Event button to create a new event.

9) Select the New button under Conditions.

10) Select Trigger: C-ConfigType and the Value: Birthday and click Save

11) Click New again and add the following Trigger/Value Cominations:

– Trigger: C-ConfigStatus, Value: Active

– Trigger: C-ConfigExpire, Value: 30 or what ever date you wish to be notified before the birthday

12) Once you have saved the last trigger/value you should be back to the Conditions list. Select the first trigger, click the double >> and click the AND button below the Event Command Text box. Next, select the second Condition, click >>, and click the AND button again. Finally, select the final condition and click the >> button. When you are done, the Event Command Text should read “Configuration Type is “Birthday” AND Configuration is in “Active” status AND 30 days before Configuration expiration date” Click Save and Close

13) Click Event Actions.

14) Click the New Event Actions button.

15) At this point you can have it Create an Activity, Send an Email, Create a Service Ticket or Add them to a Group. I recommend using the Create Activity action.

16) Select Create Activity.

17) Select the Create For being the person who is in charge of sending out the cards/email/calls.

18) The Member From must be filled out, but for this, is not that important who it is.

19) Enter your subject and notes. Don’t forget use the Available Fields, as they can help out the person who is receiving the activity. You don’t want every one of them to say “Send a birthday card.” Maybe “Please send [itemrecid] a birthday card.” Don’t use [contactfirstname] as this is probably not the right person.

20) Scroll down to the bottom and select the Activity Type of Email and Activity Status of Open.

21) Click Save and Close.

22) Back up to the top section, click the check box next to Run as a batch rule?

23) Select every 1 days during 24 Hours.

24) Click Save and Close

You have now create a Configuration Type to hold the birthday and a Workflow Rule to notify you when the birthday is coming. The final step is to add the Configurations to the companies.

25) Open the Company screen for a client you would like to add a birthday reminder to Contacts>Company>[enter company name and search]

26) Click the Configuration tab in the lower half of the screen. Note: You may have to scroll to the right to see it.

27) Click the New button.

28) Click the Configuration Type of Birthday.

29) Enter the person’s name in the Name field.

30) Enter the person’s next birthday in the Warranty Expiration field. You would put 06/25/2012, not 06/25/1965. Note: Each year you will have to update this filed with their next birthday.

Once this is complete, you should receive an email 30 days prior to the person’s birthday.


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