Posted by: Eric Wichhart | December 8, 2011

Add a Vendor Contact to Multiple Companies

A quick way to make sure the contact information for a particular vendor is kept updated in a central location and is also easily accessible to each client which uses the particular vendor, is through the use of Team Members.

Step One: Add the Team Role “Vendor”

– Open the Team Role setup table | Setup > Setup Tables > Company > Team Role

– Click New

– In the Role Name field, type Vendor

Step Two: Add the Vendor

– Open the Company search screen | Contacts > Company

– Add the vendor as a company, make sure you select the type Vendor and add their contact information as a Contact

Step Three: Add the Vendor as a team member to the Client

– Open the Client’s company screen | Contacts > Company

– Enter the client’s name in the Company field and press search

– Once the client’s company screen appears, click the Team tab

– Click the New button, select the desired location and division if required

– Select the Team Role Vendor

– Click the radio button next to Contact

– Click the spyglass next to the Contact field

– When the search box appears, click the clear button

– Enter the vendor’s name in the company field and click search

– Click the name of the contact you created earlier

– Click Save and Close

Your technicians will now have access to the vendor’s information on the team tab of the company screen.

Using Team Members is very useful when you are providing Vendor Management which for many IT professionals is an additional stream of revenue.


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