Posted by: Eric Wichhart | November 14, 2011

Creating a Recycle Bin For Tickets in ConnectWise

I figured out an easy way to recover deleted tickets without restoring the database.

Step 1: Go to the security roles of all individuals except one and take off the ability to delete tickets.
Step 2: Setup a service board, we call ours Junk. We created 4 Statuses: New, Move to Onsite (board), Delete, Closed
Step 3: I created a status on each service board called Junk
Step 4: I created a workflow rule that looks for tickets on our service boards with the status Junk, moves them to the Junk service board and changes the status to New
Step 5: I created a workflow rule that looks at the status of tickets on the Junk board with the status of Move to Onsite and have it move them to the onsite board with a status of New.
Step 6: I have the techs change the status of tickets they think need to be deleted to Junk. Which then moves them to the Junk board.
Step 7: I or a manager go through the board on a regular basis doing spot checks to make sure there wasn’t something deleted that should be worked, just keeping the techs honest. I also go through and delete the tickets that can be deleted.
This really makes a nice recycling bin for your ConnectWise

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