Posted by: Eric Wichhart | November 2, 2011

ConnectU Comes To The IT Nation 2011

Eric Wichhart To Address The IT Nation 2011

Have you ever wanted to grow beyond your current size, but weren’t quite sure how?

Do you believe you have the ability to lead yourself and others to produce truly outstanding results?

You can.

Join Author, Speaker and Business Coach Eric Wichhart as he addresses the IT Nation in a don’t miss breakout session designed to help you take your IT Business to the Next Level. As a Micro to Small IT firm owner, this breakout session is tailored just for you.

During this session, Eric will discuss his Five Rules for Success that can accelerate your growth. He will teach you how spending just 5 minutes a day can double your revenue. This one hour session will change your IT business forever, so don’t miss out!


Thursday Round 4, 5:00-6:00pm – Room: Dixie

Friday Round 8, 5:00-6:00 – Room: Vesey

For more information see the IT Nation website.

Take Some Time For One-on-One Consulting

During IT Nation 2011 the Consultants of ConnectU Consulting will have some availability to help you out One-on-One. Whether you have questions about hiring the right staff, creating process and organization in your company or integrating ConnectWise into your business, the consultants at ConnectU can guide and direct you to the right path. Contact us today to reserve your slot.

Special IT Nation Promotions

During the IT Nation 2011 we are offering three exciting promotions that can earn you free rewards.

1. Existing ConnectU Consulting clients: Receive up to $500 for referring a friend or colleague to ConnectU by November 31st, 2011 when they sign up for consulting. Plus a free 1 year membership to ConnectOne, our premier online community and newsletter.

2. Prospective ConnectU Consulting clients: Signup by November 15th, 2011 and receive a free one hour consultation.

3. New ConnectU Consulting clients: Signup and pay a deposit by November 31st, 2011 and receive a free 1 year membership to ConnectOne ($1,800 value) plus two free hours of consulting.


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