Posted by: Eric Wichhart | April 6, 2011

Who Turns The Knobs In Your Organization

Have you ever thought to yourself “Who turns the knobs in my company?” “What knobs?” you ask. The knobs can be anything from taking out the trash to making sure the Service Board is kept clean. Do you know who is responsible for the turning of every knob? When you fail to assign a duty, you have no one to hold accountable with the ball is dropped. Even if two people are assigned a particular task, one person should have ultimate responsibility. A great place to start assigning duties is in a job description. Each position should have a job description and the individual holding that position should be held responsible for each part of their duties.



  1. Doesn’t this also cause the “That’s not my job” issue? How do you keep everyone feeling a sense of ownership and responsiblity for the team as a whole when you micro-assign every duty?

    • That is where you come in as a manager and create a team environment. The best example I can give is football. On the defensive team everyone has a responsibility and someone is charged with covering the wide receiver. So the play starts, the wide receiver goes long, the quarterback throws the ball to him, the person in charge of covering the wide receiver trips up. Does the rest of the team say “well, that guy is is responsibility?” No, tackling that wide receiver is everyone’s responsibility. One guy is assigned, but everyone’s responsible and if he is not tackled, the whole team fails, including the offence who is on the sideline watching. That is the environment as a manager you need to create.

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