Posted by: Eric Wichhart | April 4, 2011

Have a Consistent Message

When developing marketing materials and advertisements for your IT Company it is important to create a consistent look and feel to your message. Whether a potential client evaluates your business card, a brochure delivered to their door or your website, does the message reflect uniformly? Having an inconsistent message is like getting a wedding invitation in the mail, packaged in a plain business envelope, with a hand written message in marker on yellow legal pad, also enclosed is an RSVP card, professionally printed on white linen stock paper, delicately hand scribed with a fountain pen, and accented by a black ribbon. How confused are you upon receiving this? Do you wear a suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt?

Take a moment and pull out your business card, some brochures and your website. Briefly overview each piece and think, “Do all of these pieces look like they came from the same company?” If they do not, it is time to evaluate your company’s look. Next, take some time to read through the materials and ask yourself, “Do all of these pieces carry the same message?”

Having a consistent message and look to your marketing materials will not alone get you more clients, it will though give potential clients who are evaluating your company a sense your company is put together. Sloppy marketing material with inconsistent messaging will turn the best potential client away.


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